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Who Am I? (1998) - Jackie Chan, Michelle Ferre, Yamamoto Mirai, Ron Smerczak, Ed Nelson, Washington Xisolo


Rating: 2.4/5 (20 votes cast)


member of a CIA-sponsored multinational black ops special forces unit is on a mission to kidnap several South African scientists working on a highly volatile extraterrestrial compound brought to Earth in a meteorite. According to the computer data showing the names of the participants of the operation, one of them was 'Jackie Chan' (Chan). He falls victim to a staged "incident" which results in the death of his colleagues. He survives, but is subsequently stranded in the African veldt with massive amnesia. When asked by natives for his name, he replies "Who am I?", which they take to be his real name. Experiencing flashbacks hinting at his true identity, 'Who am I?' proceeds to befriend two beautiful women - Christine (Michelle Ferre), a CIA agent working undercover as a journalist, and Yuki (Yamamoto Mirai).

Renegade ex-US Army officers and black market arms dealers are illegally exporting the extraterrestrial compound, and 'Who am I?' is the only potential threat to their operations. Agents are sent out to stop 'Who am I?' before he can expose their criminal activities. He defeats numerous ex-renegade agents, and ultimately engages in a tightly choreographed roof-top fight scene in Rotterdam against Morgan's two top hitmen, and performing the film's signature stunt, sliding down the steeply-pitched glass roof. The CIA secures the villains' arrests, and 'Who am I?' comes to terms with his identity.

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