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Hulla (2008) - Sushant Singh, Rajat Kapoor, Kartikadevi Rane, Mandeep, Vrajesh Hirjee, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Chandrachood Karnik , Dinesh Thakkerr, Balaji Deshpande , Sushil Parashar, Naseer Abdullah, Datta Sonawane, Jayant Gadekar , Raja Hudda, Son


Rating: 2.4/5 (71 votes cast)


Raj and Abha, a couple in their early-thirties, move into their new 2-bedroom flat in a Mumbai suburb. Since the flat is in a residential complex away from the bustle of the city and the main road, they both expect peace and quiet.

Raj is an aggressive sub-broker in a prosperous broking firm where he is considered a star. Abha is a marketing professional who is doing well in her job. They have no children. Their promising careers now seem to be nicely complemented by domestic stability. However, Raj is disturbed by strange screechy noises in the nights. They wake him several times in the nights (Abha is undisturbed though). Finally one night, Raj goes down to investigate and discovers that it is the night watchman blowing the whistle periodically in the night to scare thieves away. The night watchman - Matthew, refers Raj to Janardhan, the new secretary of the building society, who has passed these orders to enhance security. Raj appeals to Janardhan the next day, but meets a brick wall. Janardhan refuses to stop the whistling, as according to him the safety of the community is much more important than the comfort of one individual. Meetings are called, Watchman is bribed, threatened, pleaded but to no avail. The loud noise continues to disturb Raj, so his problem also continues.

Things get worse and much worse. Lives are significantly realigned at the end despite the innocuous beginnings.

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