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Ho Jayega Naina Char (2005) SL YT - Sudhir Dalvi, Goga Kapoor, Pankaj Sharma, Brijesh, Kundan.

Rating: 3.0/5 (4 votes cast)

Rajshri SL YT

To make his son Amar Singh the King of Suratpur estate, the wicked minister arranges for the murder of all of the Queens new born children. One child escapes his cruel fate and is found by a gypsy couple. They name him Chandan and he grows to be a snake charmer. While the estate of Suratpur comes under the tyrant rule of Amar Singh, Chandan lives a peaceful life in the village. He crosses paths with princess, Roopeshwari Devi and after many clashes they both fall in love. But Amar Singh sets his eye on the princess and plots deviously to make her his own. How will Chandan vanquish the evil rule of Amar Singh and win the princess?

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