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Woh Kaun Thi (1964) - Sadhana, Manoj Kumar, Helen and Prem Chopra

Rating: 2.1/5 (9 votes cast)


On a dark stormy night, a compulsive smoker, Dr. Anand (Manoj Kumar) is on his way back home when he meets a white sari clad girl (Sadhana) in distress. He offers assistance to her, giving her a lift in his car. She accepts his assistance and introduces herself as Sandhya. As soon as she steps in the car, the wipers eerily stop working. He's even more spooked when the lady shows him the way when it isn't visible and guides him outside a cemetery. En-route he notices her hand is bleeding, when asked, she tells him Mujhe khoon achcha lagtaa hai (I like blood). Shortly thereafter Sandhya disappears. A while later a distraught father stops his car begging him to save his daughter's life. He follows the man and comes to an old manor-like house, but unfortunately the girl in question is already dead. He is surprised to see her, she being the same woman he just dropped off at the cemetery a while ago. When he goes back, he encounters some policemen who tell him that the place is deserted and no-one has been living there for a while now.

Shaken by this incident, Anand decides to investigate further and gets drawn into a web of lies, deceit, and an apparition who continues to appear and disappear at will. Later his mother arranges his marriage and to his shock his bride-to-be is none other than Sandhya. He becomes obsessed by Sandhya who appeares to him under different names with different guises, making him doubt his senses. She repeatedly allures him by the use of her beauty and the haunting song Nainaa barse rimjhim (Eyes weep drizzlingly). The enigmatic, sexually repressed Sandhya ranges from a ghostlike apparition to Anand's future wife with a seduction scene where she momentarily turns 'human' to the song Lag jaa gale (Come in my arms). He gets entangled very deeply in the mystery and plethora of questions surrounding her: Is she a ghost? Why is she after him? It turns out that Ramesh was the mastermind of a plot to make sure that his cousin, Anand, would not receive his due inheritance, because Ramesh was next in line. Thus, Ramesh found Sandhya's twin sister, and sent her after Anand to make him believe that he was being haunted by a ghost, in the hopes of driving Anand into insanity. It is revealed that Ramesh had also murdered Seema(Helen), Anand's first girl friend.

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